Thursday, July 26

... I found myself checking a couple times today to see if Ben had posted at all, and then remembered that he didn't have a computer at the hospital... I've got to get in a least one blonde moment each day!

So far this chemo has been easier on Ben's bod than the previous ones. He looked tired but fine on the past couple visits I've made to see him. In this respect no news is good news. He may get out on Friday, earlier than we thought!

Today was a good day for me :) I woke up feeling hopeful and praying, with energy! I enjoyed work and choose to stay at the office rather than working alone at home-- I didn't realize until today that I liked it there that much! And I got to visit with Ben and some friends at the hospital.

The electronic devices also tend to accumulate wherever Ben goes :) First, he had his cell phone and nintendo ds at the hospital. Then we got an MP3 player for him to upload music from rhapsody. A friend lent us a DVD player to plug into the hospital tv a couple of times, but then last time Ben was in the hospital another friend bought him a portable DVD player (he's really enjoyed that). Next, his parents bought him another MP3 player, since the one we have is not compatable with files so that he can download books on tape. And I've heard a rumor that someone else may lend him a laptop while he's in the hospital next, which I won't argue with since it means I won't have to lug mine up when I visit.

I dream about a laptop that can shrink to the size of the portable dvd player or an mp3 player, and double as a cell phone. Wait, hasn't something like that already been created? ;) File compatability is still an issue though!!

I guess I've caught the habit to ramble on about electronics from Ben, although not his intelligence and knowledge on the submit! Sorry :)

God is mysterious...


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  1. Re: checking to see if Ben has posted--I've done the same thing. I'll come home from the hospital and check if he's posted. Duh--I was just there and he didn't have a computer! Silly me.

    Praise God for His mercy in giving Ben an easier round. I've asked people to pray for maximum effectiveness with minimal side effects. We see the one; we trust the Lord for the other.

    Glad you had a good day!!



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