Sunday, July 1

End of Round 3

Round 3 is over. I'm tired, I'm slightly queezy, and I am hoping this next week goes wonderfully in regards to my crashing white blood cell count. I'd like to make it to Adam's wedding on Saturday but I don't know what the Lord has in store for me with that.

Lisa and I went to church this morning. It was good to be in a place where a bunch of people are praising the name of God. I miss that on a weekly basis. (What with chemos and hospital visits.) It's also good to see people who are praying for me and to talk with some of them. I miss seeing people on a semi-regular basis like that. The encouragement I also get from people as I walk around the building is valuable to me as well.

Thank you all very much fr your prayers. I have a longer road ahead of me than I thought I originally did (but honestly, what did I know?) but your encouragements and prayers are very valuable to me.

Prayer wise I'd like to make it to my brother's wedding this week, but that's the same time that my white blood cell count crashes (read: down to zero). I would appreciate prayer as well as my count starts to drop this week that I would be able to keep food down. Having lost about 30 pounds (not all fat, muscle mass as well) has been hard. Also that I can get up and take more walks this week.

Thank you all!



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