Sunday, July 1

Truck for Sale

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to offer you the chance to buy a really great truck. Due to the fact that my chemo treatments are going to go a lot longer than Lisa and I originally planned we are going to get rid of the truck because neither of us will be driving it. It's a white 2003 Toyota Tacoma with something like 50-60k miles on it. I've owned the truck since November and since then I've kept it up and right now it runs perfectly. It's got an extended cab and a cover for the bed of the truck and the bed is lined. It's a v4 an gets about 22 miles per gallon. (One of the best in it's class) If you or someone you know are interested please contact me at the email address on the sidebar. (ben.morrell at gmail dot com)

Also if you're not interested please pray that someone would come along that is interested. Thanks everyone!



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