Monday, July 2

Strange hair and pant sizes

Here it is Monday morning, day 2, after chemo round 3. I'm really not sure what this week has in store for me... but then again I honestly never do. Lisa suggested earlier this week that I write my brother a letter/ toast in case I couldn't make it to the wedding this weekend. The contents of said letter had crossed my mind a time or two since then but last night at about 1am when I got up to go to the bathroom the contents of that letter hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to pull out my laptop and write the whole letter last night because I had that feeling that I either 1. Would lie awake for hours thinking about it if I didn't write it or 2. Would forget everything I felt was going to be so good to say in the morning. On the flip side however I feel that it's a really good letter and honestly what is one of my major activities during the day anyway? That's right sleeping. What's a couple hours in the AM for a couple hours in the later AM or PM? Ya gotta strike while the iron is hot I guess. (Or when the brain is working) I'll post a copy of the letter after it's been read (probably sometime Saturday night) as it is meant to be a public toast, I just don't want to give it all away before Adam has a chance to hear it.

In other news my hair is growing. Not all of it mind you, just some. I don't know how much of it fell out (50% or so?) after chemo 1 and 2, but we shaved it down to make it easier to handle not having any more hair. Well, the half that DIDN'T fall out is/ has started to grow again. It's like having soft baby hair. I don't know that I like it, but Lisa does. (Also the sides of my cheeks will grow hair but not around my mouth.) It's strange. At least possibly when this is done I'll have half my hair that can grow.

Also I am happy to report that my wonderful in-laws wanted to help out and went to the store and bought me 2 pairs of pants. (as I only had 2 pairs that wouldn't fall off when I walked) They bought me a size 30 waist, which is about 3 to 4 inches smaller than I used to wear. Anyway, I am happy to report that a size 30 is too small! I have not shrunk that much, or I am just not that small. I take this as a good sign being as I need to keep my weight up.

My good friend Ryan, who is a science teacher, swung by yesterday afternoon and dropped off a little friend for me to watch over while I am recovering this week. He dropped off a highly trained killer. This little guy will hopefully encourage the even littler guys in my body to not give up so easily nor go into that cold night with a fight.

Sorry I'm being so chatty this morning, I really enjoy writing and I think this mornings exercise to my brother has brought it out now.

Lisa's mom is giving me my shots again this week. Lisa took the suggestion of one of the wonderful nurses that helped me last time and pulls the liquid out of the fridge 15 minutes before it's supposed to go in me and that really cuts the burning sensation down when it's going into me. Lesson: warm meds feel better in a warm body.

It's strange having a line that comes out of my body. The groshong is great to have, it beats getting stuck with a needle for blood or IV purposes any day of the week. It's just strange to have two lines coming out of my chest.

Prayer this week: Truck sale (see below), "crashing" white blood cells, thrush not being a problem, daily strength, and being able to make it to my brother's wedding.

Thank you all for your wonderful support. God is good.



  1. Add to Ben's truck sale the sale of Ben's previous car, a '98 Honda Civic. We bought it from Ben thinking Beth (Ben's sister) wouldn need it at WWU this year, but it turns out she's decided not to take a car. It has 128,000 miles on it, and runs well. Email Ben if you're interested and he'll forward it on to us.

    Ben--I continue to pray that the Lord will give you the health to attend the wedding, as well as avoid going neutropenic (sp???) this time!!!

    Love you!


  2. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Ben you are awesome. Praise God for you.

    In Christ,


  3. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Ben, instead of taking a daily shot, next time you have chemo, ask to try the one shot they can give you in the hospital . . I think it is called Neulasta . . one shot and that's it. My son did this when he wanted to travel and not bother with syringes and daily shots.

    You have a wonderful support group and good sense of humor. It's great to see you doing well.

    You can go to your brothers wedding, but you might want to take a few ativan's before going to take care of any nausea. You can also wear a face mask if you are neutrapenic. Good luck with that and hope you can go . . or at least video tape your speech for him . . you'll figure it out.

    Best wishes,
    Patty R
    Mom to Nathan dx 3/05; DSRCT, stage IV


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