Monday, July 2

Wow! Thanks!

Tonight Will and Riva Lee, Lisa's cousins, graced our table from California via a local service called Dinner Delivery Plus. They ordered us some grub from Claim Jumper Restaurant. I felt like Tiny Tim as we laid out the two entees that will provide for at least 2 meals each. I couldn't help but utter the famous line, "God Bless us, every one!" as I sat down at the table.

A big thanks first off to Cheryl Gilbert who has organized a lot of the food and meals we have gotten and then to the Lees and to everyone else that has provided us food as well. The Noltes, the Fitches, the Sotos, the Walters, the Steiners, the Prices and the crews that have chipped in for Dinners Ready. (Greg and Debbie Morrell and the CBC West-side small group.) Not to mention the occasional food from both of our parents. (Paul and Jenifer Morrell and Gary and Nancy Massingill)

A big thanks to all of you for your help! It has been a lessening of time, energy and financial resources to have food provided for us. If you'd like to contact Cheryl about helping out, or just to tell her what a wonderful blessing she's been to us you can contact her at summer665 at yahoo d0t com.

Thank you again, your physical support and prayers have all been a great blessing!



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