Sunday, July 22

Normal Things - Saturday Edition

Yesterday was almost a "normal" day. And I don't mean "cancer normal" but "non-cancer normal". (whatever it is that "normal" means) Lisa and I slept in a bit and then did a few things around the house. Following that we hit up the current Taproot play, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" (which Lisa and I both recommend) shared some Teriyaki from the place I used to at at all the time, and then we came home for a bit. Lisa joined Facebook for any of you that have an interest in that type of thing. Then we went to Saturday night service at church. Only it took us a lot less time to get there than I thought it would so we were 30 minutes early. This was ok thought as it allowed me to catch up a bit on life with people who were also there early. Following the service they had a bit of a pot-luck so Lisa and I were able to enjoy the company of a few friends over some great food.

Not sure really what today holds. We've got a family get-together this afternoon and then I'll be hanging out a bit with my brother. A friend who just got a job with Google, and who starts tomorrow I think, moved pretty close to us so we might hang out a bit tonight as well. Then tomorrow it's blood work in the early AM and then we wait to hear if I get to go back to Virginia Mason tomorrow or if I wait until Tuesday.

I added a new blog link on the side-bar: Alive in Africa is the blog of a former youth pastor of mine who is on his way to living and ministering in Africa. I'll be following his experience and I thought I would offer you all a chance as well.

Thanks again for all the support. Lisa will most likely be filling you in the rest of this week as I will be at the hospital and "computer free" all this next week.



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