Saturday, July 28

Oh we're home again... couldn't wait to get home again...

We're back. Round 4... bing, over. I don't know what it is but transferring from hospital to home often leaves me feeling slightly defeated. Like this whole thing will never end and I'll be doing chemo rounds until who knows when. I'm tired, I feel sick and I really wish there was some since of "normal" in my life. I know God knows what is best for me so that makes everything that is happening to me seem so confusing. There is so much I want to say and convey but I am tired and slightly frustrated with myself at the moment.


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  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    hey ben,

    i hear ya and i can understand how you feel, i wasn't doing so well earlier in the year and i had to do weekly blood draws, i know it isn't the same as chemo but going there and getting it done and then hearing the results, it was like augh!!! but the Lord worked it all out, patience my dear man, things will improve, rely on the Lord.


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