Saturday, July 28

Spring me from this medical-ed cage

They tell me that today at around 5:30pm I'll be all done infusing, or whatever it is that I am doing now, thus I will be free to go home.

Some praises: when they weighed me before this round of chemo on Monday I was 144 pounds. This morning I was at 152. I've been able to eat pretty well this whole week. Nausea has been pretty limited this week vs what happens the other times I am on chemo. I hope and pray that this is a good sign and that I'll be able to continue eating as the week progresses and that I won't crash as badly/ at all come next Thursday or Friday. (Prayers would be appreciated for that!)

I would also like to thank everyone who has come to visit me/ call me this past week. Between visitors and other things to do I've been able to stay away from daytime TV pretty well. (Which is always a happy goal for me)

Also it looks like we've sold the truck and will be buying a new car on Sunday or Monday of this week. Most likely the Honda Civic Sedan. Thanks for the prayers about that. Hopefully we can get a good price for the new car and deal with the paperwork that goes with selling a used vehicle.

There will be more later! Thanks for tuning in!



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