Sunday, September 28

Update and some prayer!

It seems that a few people who read my blog have either missed the post where I talk about what's going on in Colorado, OR I never wrote that post and the imaginary blog in my head has a very good entry that never got published so YOU can read it.

That said, I will be interviewing tomorrow (at 12:00pm) for the job of Director of IT at One Challenge International (OC). I think that I should know about the job a day or so after the interview. (Tuesday or Wednesday) I'd appreciate prayers as Lisa and I face a potentially very life changing move.

Also, I am going to be getting my wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday morning... that is assuming I am not sick with a cold or something. It seems like almost everyone has gotten sick around me, but I have yet to catch anything. I'd appreciate prayers in that regard as if I don't get my teeth out this week, I really have no idea how or when that could happen. (And they have been causing me pain...)

Lisa is writing up her testimony tonight, so odds are good you'll be seeing that here in the next day or two... and I'm going to assume it won't be the lengthy 5 pages that mine turned out to be.

Thanks everyone for the support. We really appreciate it. We'll keep you informed as we know.



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