Thursday, October 16

Bellevue to Boise...

Despite the groans to the contrary Lisa and I left town this morning at 5:45am. We arrive here in Boise about 20 minutes ago at about 3:30 local time. (2:30pm Seattle time)

We stopped twice and walked around a bit but other than that I drove straight through. The hotel we're at here in Boise feels not too much smaller than our condo. Yeah for off-season rates from Travelocity. (Sorry Darren, no Expedia here...)

Last night Lisa and I had dinner with my folks, then went home and she finished cleaning up the condo while I played "real 3D Tetris" and figured out a way to 1. pack everything left in the car and 2. to make sure I could still SEE out of the car in order to drive safely. Good news: I accomplished both. I can see out both sides of the car and out the back. This is really working the 60 cubic feet of space. No way we could have done this in the Honda Civic's 30 cubic feet of space. I really like the Honda Fit, and it seems like Gd pointed us to this car before we even really knew we needed it.

Last night we spet the night at Lisa's parent's place and were out the door before the light had ever thought about creeping over the horizon. We were in Ellensberg before we saw the sun.

The trip has been fairly quick and safe thus far. Tomorrow we'll be hitting up Salt Lake City.

Niko has survived the trip well thus far. He's been in his cage most of the trip, but went for a walk with us around a park in Oregon's Baker City, and has ridden on Lisa's hand for some of the rest f the trip. He's mostly been quiet but for about an hour this morning he decided to make sounds. He's been quiet so far... we hope tat when we go out this evening he won't make horrible sounds here in the hotel room. I imagine he'll be fed and watered and covered up for night.

Now to see what the city of Boise has to offer... aside for miles and miles of new housing developments.

BTW: Health wise Lisa and I are feeling better. (Aside from hours and hours of driving.) Thanks for the prayers, we continue to appreciate them!


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  1. Hey there,

    I'm at Grandma's house now. It's sunny and warm (I didn't know "sunny and warm" existed this time of year...). Thanks for the updates to your new adventure. Post pictures of anything interesting!

    Don't forget that Niko cam you're going to set up sometime (complete w/ sound?).



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