Wednesday, October 15

We've been looted!

The condo is about 90% empty now and Niko is pretty certain that he is staying there and we are abandoning him. The movers cleared out the condo in a little less than 2 hours. I am soooooo(ooooooooo)oooooo glad I didn't have to do that. Worth the cost. Right there.

We're out running some errands right now so we decided to stop by Tully's for some warmth and some internet. We'll pack up the car later today and then just clean up the condo and head out. After we're gone tomorrow the carpet cleaners come and the house stager as well.

We haven't seen the condo this empty since before we were married. (Brings back the memories. Lisa and I are now both "between jobs", however I am heading for a job and Lisa is "unemployed". I'd appreciate if you could pray for her as she goes jetting around the world the next month, and when she comes back that she would be able to find a really great job in Architecture!

Ok, we need to get going...



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