Sunday, October 12

A little cheep...

In our zeal to pack things the past few weeks we have packed away something that "chirps" every 6 minutes. The pile of boxes is now a good 10 feet square and chest height so finding the offending "chirper" isn't going to happen. It's just funny as we sit here and every 6 minutes. Chirp. Funny stuff. We're hoping Niko doesn't pick it up.

In a week we will be in Colorado Springs! Kind of crazy to think about. We had our going away party this afternoon and lots of people came. I am pretty deep into my cold though so it was kind of a task to stay on my feet the whole time. But it was good to see some people.

Now I am tired and I am going to see if I can't get some rest so I can survive the rest of this week. (BTW: My dad got my job at TTC and I'll be training him for the next 2 days... assuming I am well enough.)

I'd appreciate the prayers and we head down, and leading up to going down.



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  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    The "cheep" story is so funny. I'll be interested to learn what you find when you unpack in CO.


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