Monday, October 20

New state of mind

I need to get this written as I probably won't have internet access the rest of the day. We are staying on the outskirts f Colorado Springs. We got in yesterday afternoon and we just kind of played it mellow all evening. The friends we are staying with cooked us a great dinner and we talked with them most of the evening. (John and Sharon Linquist)

Later today we are bound for our new apartment where we will unload our meager possessions from the car and enjoy a "minimalist" apartment for a while.

Lisa and I are both pretty tired of all the driving and staying in different places all the time. We drove straight from Grand Junction to where we are right now. Which was about 4.5 hours of straight driving.

Lets see, I'll scoop into the mailbag and see what kind's of questions I can answer, being as I am writing "shot-gun paragraphs" up there that tells me I need some fodder.

Jenifer Morrell from Bellevue Washington writes, "How is Beak-O? [Niko]"

He seems to have weathered the road trip fairly well. He spent at least 80% of the time in his cage in the back seat of the fit. It's funny, but some days he would sit there quietly and not say a word, and other days he'd be noisy. One of the days, he just kept eating and eating and then asking for more. We fed him in the morning of that day and then he proceeded to beg almost everything we ate as well. When people say something like, "Oh, he eats like a bird." I'd be skeptical. Our bird is a pig with wings. (However, he doesn't fly.) He really enjoys waffles and the two places that had waffles at breakfast we gave him almost a quarter of it and he ate it all. Last night our host made a pear pie type thing with filo and Niko practically threw himself off my shoulder trying to get some. He ended up eating the whole back section of the pie. He doesn't seem to notice the altitude at all.

Please continue to pray or our health. Lisa has been feeling the brunt of this cold and I am at the tail end of it, but still it lingers. Thank you for your prayers of safe travel. We'll keep you all updated!


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  1. I grew up with some Linquists in San Mateo, CA. We all went to First Presbyterian of San Mateo together. I wonder if there is any relation. (I was Cathy Pleis then.)


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