Thursday, October 2

Really strange...

A really big praise: My wisdom teeth extraction went without incident and the teeth came right out. (Dental assistant: "Do you want to keep the teeth when they are out?" Me: "No, no! I don't even want to see them!")

I was a little nauseous when I first woke up and tossed up a bunch of blood, but I came home and slept a bit and was fine. I've been on Tylenol most of the day and I feel just fine. I'm a little hungry, but everything in it's own time. (I do crazy things like watching food network when I am hungry and can't eat... explain the logic in that...)

I have been dreaming of Nachos since yesterday... that might have to be a "solid food" I tackle early on.

It is strange (as I ramble my way through this entry) how I can feel the absence of the four teeth (1, 16, 17 and 32... gone, but not forgotten) in my mouth. It could be the large gaping holes as well.

Tonight I booked our return flights to Seattle for Christmas! Someone explain this to me: It's cheaper to fly from Colorado Springs to Denver to Seattle than to fly Denver to Seattle. More time, but about 20 bucks LESS per person than flying out of Denver. (Which would require a drive up to Denver as well.)

We're working on packing our things up. The list I listed earlier is still up. Ask if you have any questions. It'll go up on Craigslist this next week. (Big ticket item that I need to get rid of as it costs a lot to move/ ship is the TV. I'm willing to haggle on that...)

Missions Fest this weekend. At least one person I will be working with will be there, and my new company will be represented. I think Lisa and I will head down on Saturday and check out the scene. That was something I liked about Urbana so much was the HUGE halls of exhibitors where you could see what kinds of groups were around and what God was doing in the world. Fun stuff.

Again, thanks for the prayers, I look forward to telling you more as we have it. Don't forget our going away party as well! We tried to cover everyone we know via email and Facebook, but if you haven't heard details and want to join in please email me and I'll hit you up with the details.



  1. My sister just had two of her wisdom teeth taken out this week, too... She's making a necklace! Glad it went well.

  2. When I had all 4 wisdom teeth out I was feeling adventurous and wanted pizza. I tried eating it the second day and didn't have that great of an experience. It IS possible but you have to chew with your front teeth...which is a really strange experience.

  3. When I had my teeth out, all I wanted were yellow corn chips.

    That was 6 year ago.

    I still can't get enough of that salty crunchy snack!

  4. Ya might want to go slowly on those nachos. I believe corn chips was one of the things that Beth was told to stay away from through the healing process due to sharp edges.

  5. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Well, yeah... I wasn't planning on hitting up the chips until late next week at least.


  6. Anonymous2:44 PM

    when i had mine taken out (so many years ago). i was totally looped afterwards they knocked me out for the procedure and i woke up to hearing them extracting them. also i didn't read any of the aftercare directions (b/c), big mistake!!!

    i ate what i couldn't eat at first and paid the price (just minor). but ever since then my mouth has been trouble free :)

    i will be praying for you as you make this big journey in your life with your wife, going to colorado and starting a new life there with here.

    as you know, as long as you have the Lord with you, He will provide!!!

  7. Vicadin makes me sick, so I just didn't use pain killers. The thing that made me so annoyed was the taste of gauze in the mouth for weeks on end. Oh and the stitches coming out at random times. Gross. Thank goodness that it is only a once-in-a-lifetime thing; there is no way I'd ever go through it again. (And I was one-sided chipmunked too...)

  8. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Any narcotic makes me pretty ill. When I was on Chemo I had to take anti-nausea meds just to make sure that the stuff they were giving me for pain didn't make me sick. The stuff I took most worked for about 3 hours and left me feeling sick for 12 hours after that.

    One side of my face (the left side) seems to have had a rougher time than the right side. Strange...

    I am missing carbs though... pity those tend to be things I can't consume if I want to keep my mouth from bleeding.



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