Friday, October 24


The moving truck didn't come today. Supposedly "at 9am tomorrow morning" they'll be here. We shall see about that.

Also a sign that Lisa and I need to get out and find some friends sooner rather than later: We made Niko a facebook page. Feel free to add him as a friend. His email address is bird dot niko at gmail dot com. You can keep up with the craziness that is his life from there.

Also, before bed, we will be taking pictures of the apartment tomorrow after we get stuff moved in and around so you can see what 740sqft in Colorado Springs looks like. (I also got my new phone, so I should be able to post better pictures of things now!)

Thanks for all the continued prayers. We'll be trying out a new church this Sunday. We've listened to the guy online and he preaches pretty well and he uses the bible as well. We'll see if there are people there our age.

It's late. We're going to bed.



  1. Did the truck come yet?

  2. How was the new church? I went to a deaf church today. :) =P


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