Wednesday, December 17

Aubrey's blogging

(Doesn't that sound like a band name or something!? Maybe a gothic/ irish folk band.)

The friend I was telling you about yesterday evening has fired up her blog. Those of you that know me will understand that I approve of the blog title: Bean there done that. (Her last name is Bean (having to explain joke... no longer funny...))

I'd really appreciate it if you would consider praying for her like you prayed for me.



  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Thanks, Ben. You know how much I appreciate the support.

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I just noticed by clicking on the icon next to the web address in the address bar, I can see statistics about this site, such as how many times I have visited. Only 902 at this point.

  3. If it was Aubrey's Flogging then it'd be an irish metal band.. lol

  4. Anonymous8:11 AM

    HI Aubrey,

    have been thinking and praying for you much, hope you have marvelous christmas, glad to hear your up and about at times, wish you a merry christmas happy new year,

    Grandma, Francis & Jill, all your
    family in ohio


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