Monday, December 1

A mini-festival feast

Lisa and I are planning on sweeping in on the "post holiday" sales (IE: Store: "What do we do with all this left over turkey?! I guess we'll have to sell it and the stuffing mixes at a discount!") and are going to prepare ourselves a little post-holiday-mini feast. We have never cooked a thanksgiving meal before so what better time and place to do it than AFTER thanksgiving? No pressure right? We're aiming to do this on Saturday and the list of stuff we are hoping to mix up and make is starting to get kind of long... part of me is wondering if we shouldn't invite someone over to help us out with the food consumption... but I don't know how I feel about entertaining here at the apartment. Parking alone could test the most resolved and famished guests.


I'm sure we'll provide more info as we get closer. (This week is multicultured food week: Italian, Mexican, German and American.)


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  1. Maybe you need to invite yourself and your food to someone's house to help you dine...or have the feast at OC on Friday during the day.


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