Wednesday, December 3

Mr. Sun?

Living in Seattle I was under the impression that the sun had to rest behind the clouds for days and days at a time so it had the energy to come out occasionally and shine down on us through all the clouds. This appears not to be the case. While the clouds, rain, drizzle, and fish are all very nice in Seattle, I find that in the last month and a half that the weather down here in Colorado has been very nice. (Mostly sun)

The disconnected came for me in this: Sun = Southern California, Clouds/Rain = Seattle. Seattle is nicer than SoCal and I can breathe without wondering if my insides are growing things they shouldn't be... (errr nevermind.)

It's been a bit of a change for me to be somewhere that LOOKS really pretty, and yet is sunny a lot of the time as well. (No, I haven't been to anywhere tropical)

It's been an interesting time here so far. Snow, cold, heat, sun, clouds. All wrapped up in a beautiful view of the mountains.

Condo should be closing this week sometime. Lisa sent out a huge rush of resumes. (60ish) And I had a migraine last night. First one since before I was sick. (I think the ones I had when I was sick were related to medications. This was my first all natural migraine in a long time.)

Anywho, Lisa and I are cooking dinner for one of my co-workers this Saturday and so we get the enjoyment of cooking AND sharing it with other people.

Thanks for the continued support. Remember we'll be in Seattle the week of Christmas so if you'd like to see us drop us a line and we'll chat!



  1. Oh my! We noticed the same thing when we moved to Madison.

  2. I have a friend down here in Cali who actually named the thing growing in her lungs. She calls him "George" and whenever she coughs she goes "Oh don't worry it's just 'George'."

    Amazingly enough my little patch of Socal (except when you and Lisa were here) has strange weather like fog and cold weather along with sunshine and a fresh breeze. I call it "Motorcycling Seattle Weather." Would I still like to move back to Washington? Yes. Can I take my Motorcycle? Probably not...Yes that does give me pause.

    Welcome to a place that has seasons Ben and Lisa. One month it will be freezing like crazy and six months later it will be so hot you won't know what to do with yourselves. :-)

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    The sun was out for a bit yesterday here in Seattle. Scared me!

  4. Oh come now, Dan, Seattle has VERY distinct seasons. SoCal has two seasons--hot and warm. I'm sure there are parts of the country where the changes are even more evident than here, but I appreciate the differences in this region and SO look forward to spring when it comes! This is the first year I mourned the end of summer, though. (Maybe I've been up here too long.)

  5. Okay I concede what the lady Jennifer says. Yes...there are two seasons. I'm curious to hear if there are three or four noticeable seasons.

    I don't know if it was just me but I didn't know what to do with myself if the temperature in washington was warmer than the sweet spot of 65 to 75 degrees and slightly cloudy.


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