Tuesday, December 23

Nuts Niko!!

This afternoon Lisa and I were playing a few games (Monopoly and Flux) and we had a few snacks out on the table. After a while we brought Niko over and put him down on the table. He wandered around the table top for a bit (like a window shopper in the mall) and eventually settled to sitting right by my arm. The funny thing is that there was a bowl of nuts (IE: Bird candy) right behind him. He sat by my arm for a good 15 minutes and didn't notice the nuts, then he decided to climb up on my arm and when he had gained altitude he saw the nuts and quickly hurried off my arm.

He waddled up to the bowl and craned his neck over the edge and picked up a pecan. At this point Lisa and I thought he would stand there and eat it, but to our surprise he can tottering back to my arm with nut in his beak and climbed up onto my arm. He then extended himself to full length as if to say, "See! Look what I have!!" He brought the nut rather close to my face though, so I leaned down and plucked the nut from his beak with my mouth and ate it.

I have never before seen a bird look so surprised and a little incredulous at the same time. We assumed he'd climb off my arm and get another one, but he just tightened his grip on my arm and sat there staring at me. Whenever my head turned his way he'd stretch himself out and try to go for my mouth. I opened up my mouth a time or two for him to look in and see I didn't have anything. I think he kept thinking I was hiding it or was going to reguritate it for him or something.

He eventually slid off my arm and went back to the nut bowl where he ate a couple of nuts standing over the bowl and didn't return to my arm until we had taken the bowl away from him



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