Thursday, January 1

New Years

I's strange the way we ring in new years. Case in point, last night I had a killer migraine and decided the best way to ring in the new years was in the ER. So Lisa and I went to the ER and spent 5 or 6 hours there. I got some drugs, the headache subsided a bit, and we came home and slept. No I am feeling the after-effects of those drugs and it is almost as bad as not having them in the first place. (Narcotics: pain relief for now, ickiness for later.)

As with every time I have a migraine in an ER they want to CT scan my head. (Color me surprised when they suggested it this time.) Of course it's been so long since I have scanned up there I wasn't sure if I really wanted to know or not. Well, I got to find out anyway: I'm clear. No cancer in the head. Praise the Lord for mercies like that! (I have an eye appointment next week which I am hoping will releave there migraines...)

Anyway, welcome to 2009. I am hoping this year involves 85% less hospital (or more!) than last year, and more than the year before that! Thanks for your support as Lisa and I go fourth into the new year. In this next year I'm starting a few new projects in the blogisphere and I'm going to be asking you to help me! More details on that later.

In February of this year this blog turns 7. Wow... would you believe my blog is old enough to go off to school!? It's seen a lot of crazy things. Well, here's to the future! And maybe God bring you closer to knowing Him in ways you never imagined possible!



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