Saturday, February 21


A while back I added some blogs to my RSS feed (you can read the items I share at that link) that are "Christian" in nature. I added some well known Christian blogs and some that weren't so well known, and some that were not of the same beliefs as I am, just so I can think a little more.

Today as I was playing catchup with the feed I came across the Desiring God Blog (which is Jon Piper's ministry blog) one of the posts was entitled, Was Jesus a Lonely Child. It's a short read, and completely worth your time.

[Update]: I also came across this post on the same blog, "John the Baptist's Doubt". A longer read, but in light of the post before this nothing has spoken to/ broken down faith in difficult times like what I just read. (Sorry about these posts, if you don't like them, ignore them. This blog is for the purpose of tracking my life and these two posts have spoken most strongly to me this morning.)


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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing those Ben. The post about John the Baptist is especially powerful, I think. I'm going to pass it on. Thanks again for sharing!


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