Saturday, February 21

Locating decor

Suggestions on how to stick this on a wall?



  1. Ask Adam...they have one of those too.

    Of course, Dad would know how to put in on the wall...he knows a lot about a lot of stuff!

  2. You could get D-rings with tiny screws, fasten those to the back. Go to a art/frame/craft store and get hanging wire (usually multiple ply) and hang it like a picture frame? You could probably put the wire along the top so it wouldn't show through the panes...

  3. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I think the big problem, Beth, is going to be the fact that it is quite heavy (I don't think I can lift it over my head) and that it is, quite large. We'll need to fasten it at the base as well as at the top.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the art/frame store. I could go find out how much it weighs and ask their opinion.



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