Monday, May 25

Thoughts from a Basket - Part 1

Before Lisa and I got married her Aunt and Uncle (the ones we adopted Niko from) gave her a "Journal Jar". (which is actually a small basket) The idea is that the basket has 365 slips of paper in it with a question on each slip. Pull out a random slip of paper and write about whatever is on the slip. As some of you have noticed I have been working a lot and not writing as much as I would like. I am going to use these "Thoughts from a Basket" as a way to liven up the blog a bit.
I won't be doing it every day, so this could last me a couple of years. It'll be an ongoing series. Feel free to chime in on your own blog about the question. Leave a comment with a link if you do answer the question so others can follow along.

Q: When was the last time you attended a team-related game (baseball, basketball, football, etc)? Describe the experience.

A: I'm not much of a sports person (as many of you can attest to) but when I was sick I used to watch the Mariners games on TV. Both at home and in the hospital. One of my goals for when I was well was to get to a game and have a good time. The last time I was at a sporting event was that time I got to go with my Dad as I was working on getting better. I remember the sun and sitting in the left field at Safeco Field. I don't recall who won (betting it wasn't the Mariners, I think I can count on one hand how many games I have been to where they have won.) or actually who they were playing, but the idea of getting out into a public venue (Probably slightly paranoid about germs as well) and eating whatever I wanted (we had Thai food) was very freeing. Plus it was some time to spend with my Dad, which honestly has become more valuable to me as I have gotten older.

I don't follow baseball much anymore (though I am sure the Rockies can't be any worse than the Mariners) and I don't go to sporting events much, but I do hold a fond memory in my mind of that last time I went.



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