Tuesday, July 28

Stick Boy Shirt

(front) Stickboy is Dave Kellett's character "Dante"'s alter ego. I love the humor of such a silly "super hero" and have wanted a shirt like this for a while. (See link on Stickboy for references to the comics he is in.)

(back) The way Dante turns into Stickboy is by yelling "Baarrk"! I know, heady stuff. Here is the shirt, that I don't know that I will ever wear, but it will hold a special place on my wall. (Or maybe I will wear it)



  1. If it is just regular permanent marker and not fabric pens, I'm not sure it would endure much washing--the pen might run a little and make the design kind of fuzzy looking.

    What a great guy to draw this for you!

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Yeah... As has happened to Beth's shirt. I guess I didn't have any plans on wearing it/ washing it.



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