Tuesday, September 29

And the fire gets hotter...

So we waited for about 3 hours to see the doctor this morning. By the time the doctor actually showed up I was so tired of being nervous and stressed out that I just didn't have the energy anymore TO be nervous and stressed out.

The doctor however wasn't the bringer of glad tiding that I had hoped he might be.

Here's the rundown: The cancer right now is in a place that is inoperable. It's too delicate to get to so "no surgeon is going to risk it". So, we'll be trying chemo. It looks like we'll be going with the same chemo round that I had before, but it's possible that my cancer is immune to the chemo. However the doc was pretty surprised it came back after such a "long" time and that it originally responded as well as it did to the treatments. But we still have three other options if this fails.

I have two tests planned for Thursday morning. A scan of my heart, and a full body pet scan.

Oh, I also spent the last hour on the phone because we have to fly out later than we planned because the doctor wanted to talk to us on Tuesday morning. So we had to pay the "blackmail" fees of the airlines to change our flights. bleh.

Tonight we're having dinner with some OC Missionary Interns here in Houston. I could use the distraction.

I need a nap. This is all been pretty stressful.



  1. Praying, praying, praying.

  2. Ben, your in my thoughts and prayers.


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