Friday, October 9

Ready, set, CHEMO

Ok, not quite. But we're getting there. Meeting with the oncologist this morning went really well. He answered a lot of questions, and we got a plan, mostly, in place to get this stuff going.

I'm going back to the hospital this afternoon to talk to a surgeon about getting a central line installed (no that doesn't mean I get free cable or internet) probably happening on Tuesday next week. Then Thursday morning I have "Chemo Education", where I assume they will talk about how to handle my life and chemo. (Not expecting anything too new here, but I do like that they make patents take this... much better than last time where I kind of had to figure it all out myself.) Then chemo starts on Monday the 19th!

Continue to pray that the chemo will be effective in my body and that I can continue to use my time wisely.

Something I was thinking about as well, I need to remember that I am not out of the woods in any way on this. Just because we're home and have a plan for something I have been through before doesn't mean this thing is beat. And on top of that I need to remember that God is still in control. Because we have a plan, and drugs lined up and this is going to become some strange form of "normal" doesn't mean that God's role here is done. Heaven forbid I ever think that! I need God just as much (if not more) in the "normal", every day, than/ just as much, as I needed Him during scary/ stressful doctor's appointments. God doesn't disappear because I feel a little better.

Gah! Normal can be dangerous to one's spiritual life! Not like I am asking for things not to be "cancer free normal", but I need to work on remembering this!



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