Saturday, October 10

Surgeons are people too

It's always struck me as interesting that you rarely see the combination of "well adjusted socially" and "genius". It seems to be a sliding scale. The closer you get to "Genius" the further away from "can actually talk to people" you get. I try to keep this in mind when talking with doctors and other IT professionals. (I do know one guy who I would classify as "Genius" and "Socially (very) well adjusted", so I know it's possible. (Now I've got all my guy friends saying in their heads, "He's talking about me..."))

Yesterday I met with the surgeon who is going to be installing my "groshong", the central line I talked about, and he was really trending more towards "genius" than the other option. However, as I sat there and we talked I tried to imagine what he would be like outside of his job of cutting into people to save their lives. I came to the conclusion that I could probably hang out with him without much trouble. I also think the same thing about my Oncologist here in the Springs. It probably wouldn't be too tricky to have him and his wife over for dinner and have a good evening. So far that is a HUGE difference between Colorado's oncology staff and Seattle's. I never really imagined that having dinner with any of those doctors (nurses excluded) would be anything but this side of terrifying.

In talking to the surgeon yesterday we were talking about the last time I had a groshong installed and I told him I was awake for the whole thing. He said, "Why did they do that?" and I said, "They said it was so that if they punctured my lung they would know." He then commented, "That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! If I puncture your lung while doing this, which I won't, air will start coming out of the line instead of blood. It's pretty obvious."

These people seem to know what they are doing... which makes me VERY glad God was watching over me, because as I talk to certain doctors about some of the stuff they did last time they seem a little confused as to why it was done that way. However I survived and this is round two, so we'll see how it goes this time around. But yes, the good news is I will be knocked out for this install.

I also realized that I need to start enjoying showers this weekend! After I get my line installed on Tuesday I'm not supposed to get it wet... which means the right side of my chest can't get wet. After months of being unable to do complete "immersion" showers, it feels GREAT to be able to do that. Another thing to look forward to at the end of chemo.

Looks like it's supposed to snow most of the day here in COS, and Lisa and I already had plans to chill at home today. Looking forward to a relaxing day at home. Thanks for the continued prayers. I think tomorrow Lisa and I are going apple picking!



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