Sunday, October 11


I know this is probably a strange thing to be blogging about in the middle of October but Lisa and I officially decided this morning that we will be staying in Colorado Springs for Christmas this year. We had plane tickets booked, but we thought that with chemo and everything that this would probably be best (as we don't know what our plans will look like during that time) to cancel our trip and stay here instead.

I will be sad to miss all you Seattle area family and friends, but I also look forward to decking the halls here at home. We'll most likely have visitors, maybe even an out of town guest or two to grace us with their presence. Who knows. Well, God does, but we didn't make it back home last year either, so maybe it's becoming something of an unplanned tradition. At least I have all of your supporting us, and Lisa by my side.

Yesterday we woke up and it was really cold, and then it lightly snowed all day. Then this morning it was supposed to be upwards of 50 today... I don't think it's cleared 25 yet. Snow and ice still linger. (You can't blame me for thinking about Christmas) We were going to go apple picking today, to get lots and lots of apples for making cider, and pie, and cider, and applesauce, and CIDER... (You can tell what I like.)

Instead we're inside today, getting some chores done and resting. Got another migraine last night and it's still lingering this afternoon. So the bird is sitting on my chest and trying to get my attention while I type.

Surgery on Tuesday, and then a week of work, and then chemo on Monday the 19th. Please keep us in your prayers!


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  1. I understand, although really bummed. I sure wish we could come back there.


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