Monday, October 12


You may have seen in my twitter status that I was in the ER with a nasty migraine. This migraine was crazy horrible. I started to get it last night when we had some friends over, and then in the middle of the night the pain was so bad I couldn't sleep, and I kept making trips to the bathroom to make oral deposits in the porcelain bank.

Finally around 7:30am I decided I had had enough and Lisa and I went to the ER to be able to tap that resource for pain and nausea control that I don't have here. So we went to the ER, got in fairly quick and they put an IV in me with nausea meds and put morphine and hydromorphone in me over 5 hours. Then the doc did something I have never seen. He fed via IV into me a drug called Depacoat. (SP?) It's supposed to help seizure patients, and while it didn't instantly make my headache disappear it REALLY has lessened the side effects. (post-migraine brain) I'll have to put that drug in the "to use" pile next time I am in the ER for massive migraines.

So Lisa and I spent a long time in the ER this morning to afternoon attempting to deal with a massive migraine. Glad that is over with. Tomorrow I get to spend more time in a hospoital as they put the central line in me. It is outpatient, and they WILL be putting me under.

Thanks for the continued prayers...



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