Monday, November 16

Double Chemo

Hi everyone,

It's Lisa again.

The current Ben update? He still has a cold, but seems to be feeling better than yesterday. At least, he's not having trouble sleeping like he was last night, due to sinus pressure and coughing. He had his first day of chemo today and is certainly feeling better than his first day the last round, praise God.

All of the chemo treatments have been condensed into one week: the drug that was given to him over 10 days is being doubled and given in 5. The other drug, the one that he was supposed to take as a pill, actually comes in a liquid and will be given at the same time over 5 days. Yay to the Colorado Springs office for figuring that out (when MD Anderson didn't know)! The idea is that Ben won't suffer as much if we just get the chemo over with more quickly.

Next week Ben's mom will be visiting. It will be great to have her here to give Ben some TLC as he is recovering, and to celebrate Thanksgiving with us (most likely in some unorthodox fashion). The week after that, the first week of December, we are supposed to be traveling back to Houston.

We had a lovely time with Adam and Sheli, even though Ben and I ended up "taking turns" with them most of the time. He spent the day with them Thursday and Friday while I worked. Thursday night I dragged Sheli off to a "girl's night" and Adam cooked for Ben. Then Friday night, when Ben was worn out, I went out with the other Morrells to the Golden Bee.

Saturday Ben caught his cold (throw it back!) and so he stayed at home while we checked out a cute local coffee place and the Olympic training center. Saturday night we finally did something together! There's an amazing fondue place in Manitou that also has downstairs venue - a wine cellar, offering cheese and chocolate fondue as well as several options for wine flights. That was right up our guest's alley :) Between the flights, waters and a couple other beverages, we ended up with about 15 glasses on our table! I love going out to fondue because the meal is leisurely, elaborate and tasty - a great way to spend time talking with people.

This week will be a bit crazy as Ben has long days at the hospital and I stay busy at work (while trying to sort out medical bills and insurance in my free time). Thanks to everyone helping us out with meals and rides this week, as well as for all your prayers. We are in God's hands.

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  1. Yes, we are (in God's hands). It is a good place to be.


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