Friday, November 27


Living as we do here in Colorado Springs we are short on things like family. Yesterday we were invited to another family's house for a thanksgiving meal, and aside from my serious lack of energy, we all had a great time. I guess it's times like this where you can really see fellow believers reaching out to one another and the wonderful effects that creates.

I lasted about two and half hours, which seemed pretty decent to me. Considering I haven't really gone anywhere in the last few weeks. I was happy to get back home and lay down through.

Today is the last full day my mom is here before she heads back to Seattle. I realized with Dan showing up last weekend and my mom being here this week that I really do miss all the friends and family that are scattered all over the place.

In other news I tried my hardest to stay up late last night and I think that dedication to not going to sleep when I am tired that made it possible for me to sleep the whole night through. Even without strange and crazy dreams. That is of course an ongoing prayer request that I can sleep peacefully and without interruption.


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  1. coach894811:07 AM

    Ben - Just want you to know that we are praying for you and our small group is holding you up in prayer...along with Lisa as well. I'll keep them updated now that I have your blog.

    Chuck Galliher


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