Thursday, January 21


Hey Team!
How are things on your side of the blog? I was suggested some music recently by a friend that says he thinks of me when he listens to it. Last week as I was lying miserably on the couch I Skyped with a high school friend who told me every time she sings a song in church I come to mind. I was thinking about putting together a CD (I got an iTunes gift cert for my birthday) with music that people are listening to that brings me to mind. As I type that I think it sounds HORRIBLY self serving, but honestly it's not. I want to be able to listen to this music to remember YOU. I just need to know what it is you are listening to and the asking sounds a little selfish.

Here's my list of stuff that comforts me when I listen to it. (I figure this needs to be a give and receive)
  • Sanctus Real: I'm not Alright

  • Leeland: Carried to the Table

  • Phil Keaggy: Hold me Jesus

  • Phil Keaggy: Under the Grace

  • Phil Keaggy: Tender Love

  • Phil Wickham: Heaven Song

  • Phil Wickham: Grace

These are the songs that have had some of the most meaning to me in the past couple years. (I'm listening to them now and singing along, but wearing headphones and the Parrot is looking at my funny.)

So, hit me up with songs that God uses to bring me to mind and I'll put together a CD and publish the track list so you can all listen in as well. (Please don't take this as selfishly as it sounds...)



  1. Hey! I already did this! Did you gey the song I sent you?
    Praise the Lord - Kristene Mueller
    I think about you everytime I hear it.
    Kate (Tom too!)

  2. I'll Meet You There - White Heart

  3. Ditto to Kate. Unfortunately, I also think of you when I hear Norah Jones' or Josh Groban's first albums because we were forced to play them at least 3-4 times per shift (not kidding) at Barnes & Noble during the Christmas season.

    Lastly, the Kristine Mueller is an awesome song. Listen to it. Now. Now! NOW! is your friend.

  4. Anonymous5:33 PM

    *Shudder* yes Tom but I am not going to put either of those two CDs contents on a CD I create. I used to be able to sing them straight through... I think I heard that CD for over a year and a half.

    I am headed to listen to Ms. Mueller right now...


  5. Any version of 'Be Thou My Vision' but especially Phil Keaggy's version.

  6. Sustain by theothermarkmiller


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