Thursday, January 28


Here it is Thursday and I kind of feel like chemo has been going pretty smoothly. I've thrown up ever single morning so far, but the whole process seems to be going more smoothly. All the nurses however look at me like I am INSANE when I tell them how much longer my doctor in Houston said I have to go with this. (8-9 months at this point)

Something tells me that they might have a better idea of what doing this for that long will do to me.

Lisa's parents got into town last night. I hope they don't mind how insanely tired I am at the end of the day. Chest pain ramps up as the chemo hits my body. It makes me pretty fatigued.

Thanks everyone for the love and support. We continue to see it in so many ways.


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  1. Oh, I know the Massingills will understand your tiredness--just like we did. It's just part of the package. When we come, we are there to support and help out however we can with no expectations for entertainment. I'm sure the Massingills are the same.

    SO glad to hear you're doing relatively well. I've been so blessed by how many people tell me they are praying for you guys--folks I've really don't even know. It's just incredible!

    Have a restful day. The week is nearly over.



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