Thursday, March 18

Body fix'n update

A little update for you all: recovery this week has been... bumpy. I got a full on migraine yesterday that is still lingering in my head 23 hours later. It's supposed to be mid to upper 60's today and below 30 tomorrow... so possibly weather induced?!

Doctor's appointment tomorrow, what I like to call (ok I just came up with it) a "Poke and Tell". Looks something like, "Poke, poke. You look pretty good, chemo starts on Monday." Not as much for as the grade-school variation on this theme.

What have I been up to you ask? A lot of sitting around trying to make sure I eat when I am hungry. I'm not going to loose this girlish figure if I don't. That's been like paddling upstream though. My body this week of recovery tends to go into "hummingbird" mode and no matter how much or what (I keep dreaming of cheese fries) I eat it doesn't seem to make a very big dent in my weight. (Oh, great, I gained 2 pounds from a whole week of reckless eating. And it's gone again in 2 weeks)

Not sure what this weekend holds (well, probably Alice and Wonderland at least) but I hope cheese fries are in there somewhere. (Maybe chili cheese fries to add some protein.) Thank you for your continued prayers and support. BTW: No flying this two week break this time around! We get to do our visit "remotely". IE, I get scanned here and our doctor's talk. And I get an extra week off! We're also talking about making a road trip out of our next trip down to Houston. So, it looks like I might have to fly for a while! Woo-hoo.

Thanks team!


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  1. Praying for you. Wish you could come to Indiana, or vice versa. My Dad has been able to massage migraines out to where a person doesn't get them any more. He helped a woman with cancer who had migraines all the time and she didn't have any migraines after he massaged her head. Anyway, I probably sound silly... But I'll be praying that healing over you... both for the migraines and the cancer as well.


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