Sunday, May 9

Exploding drinks

The other day one of the food blogs I read posted a recipe for sparkling strawberry lemonade and ever since I have had a desire for the bubbly sweet beverage. Things, however, did not go as planned. Using the our juicer I extracted the necessary juices from eight lemons and 16oz of strawberries. Made up some simple syrup and combined fruit juices and sugar water and then prepared to add the sparkling water to the mix. I opened the sparkling water and let it de-fiz a bit. I then poured the called for amount of water into the pitcher. I then experienced an explosion of science fair volcano levels as the red liquid shot up the pitcher and proceeded to pour itself all over the counter-top. This was highly unexpected. This is also not the first time something like this has happened to me. Some of you might recall an incident six years ago where red liquid and exploding drinks got mixed.

After about an hour of "sitting there and thinking about what it had done" the beverage seemed to have cooled down enough to take the rest of the preparation. The drink turned out excellent... just be aware if you plan on making it that it might be a ticking time bomb of lemony-strawberry goodness.


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  1. Nice website for the drinks. They need to get Adam to do their pictures though.


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