Thursday, June 17

Goodbye friends

As we moved away from friends and family to pursue what it was that we felt like God was calling us to do/ telling us where we needed to be for the next stage in our lives, so others must also follow what God has been telling them to do. In a city like Colorado Springs with so many non-profits, and churches, and friends who are based in non-profits, churches and missions, we get to experience the ache and excitement of friends who follow what God is telling them to do.

This morning I helped a friend of mine who is headed to an Asian country with some internet basics: Proxy web browsing, Facebook security, blogs, etc, and it pretty much turned into us hanging out the rest of the day. It's been a while since I got to hang out with someone all day. (Who wasn't Lisa (not that I don't like hanging out with Lisa (I'm just saying))) It's been since March I think. Tired me out a bit though I think.

Heading Houston bound again on Saturday. Prayers for safe travels as we do long days. Prayer also for my health. I thought I had shook this headache/ feels like a migraine thing but no luck. I've been taking Tylenol a lot but heat seems to be the best thing for it. I think, if anything it is some bizarre manifestation of a cold. I have a cough, and my throat is going horse, but no nose running issues. Which I was debating this morning if I would prefer a runny nose or a headache. I think I came to the conclusion that I think the headache is preferable. Anyway, I need prayer for that to wrap up as we go trekking across the state(s) again. Blessing on our wonderful house sitter who will be here again. Prayer as well for this study as well that we are looking to get into. We have it from at least three different sources that this could be a very good study for my type of cancer. I'm not looking too fondly on the alternative.

Thanks team, we'll keep you updated as we go!



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