Thursday, July 15

Our first week in Houston


-did 20 hours at MD Anderson, including the First Treatment!

-spent time getting to know our hosts and their house (and their goldfish pond)
-ate meals twice at their children's house, down the street
-walked the basset hound at said house (hopefully this is the start of a new routine!)

-visited First Baptist church, service and Sunday School (undecided on former, enjoyed latter)
-I (Lisa) went to the zoo with a friend and her friends, then made dinner for all of them :)
-Ben upgraded his cell phone. He's quite excited both because his old phone was malfunctioning and his new phone is a big improvement, even from when his last phone did function

-finally got our car repaired at the body shop with the best customer service I've ever seen in the auto industry - Westside Collision

-unpacked and set up the home office
-did work from the home office, happy that I'm being sent tasks from Colorado

And tomorrow we will celebrate our 5-year anniversary by going out to lunch at Fogo de Chao! A quality, unique restaurant, and less expensive at lunch :) Thus will end our epic first week in Houston.



  1. and your impression of the heat??? It's really good to hear that you're being welcomed and enjoying at least part of the experience here. We are experiencing the mosquito wars on this end of town...and I can't say who is winning.

  2. Because we expected the heat and have experienced it before, we're not finding it too bad. Besides that, the Houstonians are complaining about it - so we don't feel like wimps for not being able to stay outside too long.


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