Friday, July 16

Five Years... put a pin in it.

Well, here we are, five years of marriage to the day. We kept it pretty low key so far (choosing to spread it out over the weekend) but we did do lunch at one of the swankiest places on this side of Houston. Brazilian BBQ. We had 15 different kinds of meat to choose from and don't think I didn't go for at least 8 of them. The salad and side bar was impressive as well. Despite all that we had room for some dessert as well and it arrived with a "Happy Anniversary" written around the edge of the (amazng) chocolate lava cake. (It was also given to us as a freebie for celebrating there, which we didn't know at the time, but it was a nice surprise, especially when you fully expect to pay for it anyway.) It was a pricey place for lunch, but honestly where else are you going to get access to at least 10 types of beef and chicken and pork and lamb on top of that? It was all pretty good.

Here are all TWO entries from that time in our life five years ago. I guess in hindsight I wish I would have written a bit more, but I didn't have the readership pressure I do now or thought that I would ever really look back on it. I should dig up that recording though of our ceremony...

And here (top post) is our engagement. Proof I did once have long hair, and weighed more than two sacks of potatoes.

Here's hoping there are many more years where those came from.

Side effect watch: Today I am feeling pretty side-effect free. I mean there hasn't been a chemo I have yet been involved with where I was able to go out and eat a large cat's worth of meat, much less look at a salad bar. Or for that matter drive around for long periods of time or run errands. I've been tired and sleeping in more than normal (strange to wake up at 7:45am... kid'a gotten used to the 6:30am wake up), and feeling like I need a napin the afternoon, but if this is what killing cancer is like in the future, SIGN ME UP. Ryan always did think I needed to sleep in more.

So, prayer and praise today: Five years of marriage! Lisa is able to work from here! Side effects are minimal, lets pray the effects are maximal! Thanks team!


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  1. Ben - I really enjoyed this - I noticed in an e-mail Lisa sent me a p.s. it was your anniversary. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!


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