Monday, July 12

The Pokings!

Oh the pokings! While the blood drawer was effective at what she was doing, it also felt like she ran the needle half-way through my arm to do it. We shall see what that bruise looks like. Let me back up a bit here. (record being slid backwards quickly under the needle sound (Stoodlemeyer!))

Last night Google informed me it would take an hour and a half in traffic from our current location to get to MD Anderson. This thrilled me not at all, but Lisa and I were up at 5:30am just to make that 6:15am leave time. We were out the door by 6:30am and we were at the hospital by 7am. Either we were out too early for the traffic thing to hit, or we were going the other way. (I vote for the early part, as I don't think there IS "the other way" in Houston)

That was when I got poked the first time, then I got radiation shot at me for a bit (chest x-ray), then sat around for a bit (an hour) while I waited to spend 30 seconds getting an EKG. Then we waited some more for the PET scan time, and got poked (Three more times) there. I however got a nice little nap while waiting for those "nuclear" sugars to take effect. Then it was back in the tube for 18 minutes of whirring and clicking and, most importantly, more radiation. I like how they say to avoid pregnant ladies, small children and the elderly for 24 hours after that scan. (And then send you home past all the pregnant ladies, small children, and elderly.) Lots of stuff to find funny here.

Lisa is doing a bang-up job getting us settled. You'd almost never know we brought a whole car full of stuff with us. Speaking of Lisa did you know that Friday is our 5 YEAR anniversary? That's right, as of this Friday I will have been married to Lisa longer than I was in HS, longer than I have ever had a job for, and yes, LONGER than I have had cancer. (though it feels longer sometimes) Assuming, which is a lot for us these days, that we are both well on Friday we're going out to lunch to celebrate. (It's just like dinner, only it costs less and the sun is still out!) I am hoping this first five will be the part of our marriage we look back on and say, "Remember that year we spent in Houston those few months?" and "God brought us through cancer, He can bring us through this!" or even "If we can live in Houston, God can do anything!". (You'll notice the subtle dig on Houston there. It's all in good fun as this is the place we need to be right now. And as soon as it stops being the place we need to be we will no longer be here... Lord willing.)

Another Dr visit tomorrow afternoon. I assume this is a "yep, you're good to go, see you tomorrow!" meeting.

Your continued prayers are appreciated. My voice has started to, kind of, return, my cough continues to continue, Lisa is tired and probably needs some good sleep, and "chemo" starts on Wednesday! Thanks again!


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  1. But, lest there be confusion, this is not chemo, correct?

    Re: Houston--never say never, although Colorado Springs just doesn't seem right in my head at this point. It's missing two very important people and a bird.

    Happy anniversary on Friday!!! What an incredible last 5 years. And, Lisa is my hero. She had no concept that when she said, "I do," of what God had in mind for her life. She is one amazing lady. Thank you, Lisa, for doing what many women would have crumbled under.

    Mama J


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