Sunday, July 25

Vegitanarianism 2000

Ok, the subject might not be a word, but you get the idea. Today rounds out the fourth day on my highly low cholesterol/fat/sodium/high fiber diet. I had two cubes of chicken last night, but other than that I have been meat free. I made a roasted vegy sandwiches tonight. I have to admit that it's not that bad so far. I kind of thought my body would go into "AHHH! Where is my meat!?" mode, but it's been pretty cool about the whole thing. The grocery bill was a little higher I think because of all the extra veg but we've been doing some interesting things with them. You needn't worry about me turning this into a vegetarian blog or anything, you don't need to worry about me preaching to you about the benefits of a mostly veg diet either. I mean, really, that cow/pig/chicken isn't going to eat itself! Dinning out is going to be a little strange though... like today I ended up having a fresh fruit plate and a bit of waffle when we went out with folks after church.

I realized as well that by going on this diet I probably eliminated over 75% of the places to eat in Houston. (Assuming I don't want to spend ten dollars for a salad I could have made at home for less than three)

Oh, also, happy milestone for my blog! This is post 2000! I really had no idea eight and a half years ago I would still be pounding away at this thing... or the adventures (Marriage, attempted vacations, cancer one, cancer two, a move to Colorado, a move to Texas (?!)) this blog has seen. It's been a wild ride. Here's to another 2000 posts and if where I am sitting (err, lying) right now is any indication, looking back, I really have NO idea what the next X years, and posts, hold. May God see me safely through them!

Prayer please for my internal workings (heart, cancer, etc) that the stuff that is supposed to be there will work like it should and the stuff that isn't supposed to be there would take the hint already and leave. (Talk about a house-guest who doesn't know when to leave...)

I think I will try to get to bed now, past couple of nights it's been at least midnight before I got off to sleep and that's not the way I really want to live. Thanks again for all the support, Team! Take some time today to thank God for the health you have!


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  1. Not to worry about going out to eat with us...we know where some good vegetarian dishes are...much better than we can cook. I do like a good boca burger though, and have even convinced Marvin they aren't bad. Being an involuntary vegetarian is a drag though. We'll take you to Freebirds World Burrito. Just for fun!


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