Wednesday, July 28

It's like a mini-weekend

A mini-weekend full of waiting.

Wednesday is, once again time for chemo. Although my blood draw was scheduled for 7am and my first doctor appointment of the day was scheduled for 1:15 I didn't bother to get into the hospital until 11:30. So instead of it being a 12 hour day it was only just shy of 8 hours.

Here's how I'm looking: Cholesterol jumped up again. Got smaller pills so perhaps that number can stall and / or go down. Triglycerides were down (go diet!), and platelets were at levels reserved for "leukemia patients". (Their words, not mine) They are low at any rate, but since I am not bleeding out of any part of my body they decided I really didn't need a transfusion right then and there, but they will wait until Friday morning, look at my blood again and decide if I need a transfusion to make it through the weekend. And then probably another checkup on Monday to see how I am doing. (So essentially cutting hours ot of my time today at MD Anderson was only so I could "spend more" time there later in the week!)

When the medical staff left me they left with strict instructions to "go to the ER" if I started bleeding. At all.

Funny aside: I was telling the doctor who has been doing my checkups about some side effects I have had to getting transfused before (small very itchy rash), and she said, "They usually give benedrill for that." To which I replied that I was allergic to benedrill. She stopped and thought for a moment and said, "Well, you're just special aren't you?" I of course couldn't help but say, "Have you SEEN the research on the stuff in my chest?"

Lisa and I were talking afterwards and we decided it was because I was "special" that I was there in the first place. She's a pretty great doctor though and it's nice to see a friendly face once a week.

Thanks again for the continued support, prayers, emails, phone calls, facebook messages, etc etc. I do read them all and they are great to get while I am sitting in a waiting room somewhere while staring up at the ceiling. Thanks!



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