Friday, September 17

Chemo, Cruises and Coughing

I spent the day in bed yesterday. I figured that whatever I had was just kind of lingering so a day in bed would probably serve me well. Today has become day two in bed. I figure I probably picked up something from the cruise, or maybe it was something the week previous to the cruise that decided to raise it's ugly head following Mexico. Anyway, I am feeling better but not back to where I was before. (Back to my whisper though) I have about a half octave range right now! Woooo(crack)hoooo.

Wednesday was a pretty decent day. Chemo was supposed to start at 7:30 but it was a lot closer to 9 before they started, but even then Lisa and I were home around 2:30. (And that was after waiting for a doctor to talk about my voice)

I know some of you have had some questions about what our next steps are going to be, and I would like to detail our plans in another blog post in the near future. Stay tuned and thanks for the prayers.



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