Saturday, September 18

Potential Plans

Our plans* at this point are to stay in Houston until this cancer stuff is dealt with. Ultimately it'll save us airfare flying between Colorado and Houston and hopefully with that saving we'll be able to visit folks in Seattle more often. Our plans at this point are to sell the townhouse in Colorado Springs. We did a kind of price comparison between renting and selling the place and it really came down to it being less stress to just sell it and be done with it. It could possibly end up costing us money to sit on the property and rent it instead of just selling it.

We've also discovered that we will be needing to look for a place to call our own as well. The house-sitting arrangement won't go into the new year. (Though we greatly thank our hosts here, it would not have been possible to land here and get started as quickly as we did without their generosity to us)

As we make this temporary move a little more permanent we'd like prayer for finding a new place, a buyer for our old place, and quick and easy ways to move from one to the other.

*All plans are subject to change as God provides or closes doors on. Right now these plans are how we feel we are being led.



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