Wednesday, September 29


This is Lisa posting under Ben's login... long story :)

Ben continues to be on NPO status almost every day at the hospital. What does NPO mean? We can't quite figure that out. He's not supposed to eat during that time, so maybe "No Patients Orderingfood"? Today he had an ultrasound on his kidneys and liver because they are working harder than normal - the doctors aren't sure why. No word on those results yet. But anyway, almost all the tests preformed require the patient have an empty stomach (NPO status). Maybe the doctors don't want vomit getting in the way? Or maybe just the results come out cleaner without food in the digestive system? Again, not sure. So Ben got dinner tonight, his first full meal in two days! Poor guy. He felt too sick last night to eat much.

Tomorrow is the bronchoscopy where the stint will be put in. Because the pneumonia seems to be getting better and the doctors have stopped even talking about it, perhaps he'll be released on Friday. Or perhaps they'll notice the little wart on his foot and keep him a couple more days to scan it and do another procedure, on NPO status?

Ben is sleep-deprived, so I left early tonight and have been paying bills. When I texted him at 8:30pm with a question I didn't get a response, which I assume means he's asleep (yay yay) or I guess he could just be avoiding bill-talk. He normally pays them so I don't know all the ins and outs. Despite his sickness, that is one responsibility he has kept!


  1. NPO - Non Profit Organization

    or not.... praying for you guys! Keep the updates coming!

  2. Lisa, NPO should mean "nil per os" or nothing by mouth however that means he should be allowed to "eat" via a tube (nose or stomach entry). You want me to come yell at them for you and demand they explain things better? Cuz this sounds ridiculous! I am definitely praying for your well-being and Ben's.

  3. non per os Latin for Nothing by Mouth. Why don't they use NBM?

  4. I wrote the NPO comment. Somehow, google changed my name for moms. I hope I have that changed now.

  5. Talked to several people yesterday and Tuesday about you. Lot's of people praying for you, some I know you have never met.

  6. Aubrey7:25 PM

    Oh my gosh. What a ride. Keep updating and letting us know what's going on!


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