Thursday, December 2

Doctors, Platelets, and Townhomes

My blogging has really suffered as of late. Sorry about that team. I've been recovering from last week. The good news is that I have been improving. No downward spirals here.

A quick note: a couple viewed our townhouse this past week (the first couple through there) and I just got word that it's their favorite place so far and will be going through the house again on Monday! While I would have appreciated a bidding war for the townhome, I would be more than happy to not be paying to live in two places.

Yesterday was the fourth week in a row that I have received the drug that beats up the cancer. This is the first time since starting that I have gotten such a consistant weekly dosage. It's probably added to my overall feeling a little more beat-up than usual, but I am excited to see what the scans looks like at the end of the cycle. My platelet count has been above the danger zone for the past four weeks.

Also, I thought I'd break the news that we are currently looking at taking a one week break from my treatment and with that week we are planning on spending 12ish days in the Seattle area. We'll know more next week and will include details as we have them. (And open up a calendar so you can start booking time with us... )

Thanks for the continued support!



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