Friday, February 4

Trying the saddle

Hey Folks,
I got home on Wednesday afternoon and as usual after long hospital stays it has been difficult. Thursday morning we had to get up and get blood drawn and then they had me get a blood transfusion in the evening and today I was supposed to go in, but many of the roads here in Houston are still iced over and I didn't think the potential traffic risk was worth the effort. (Mainly as I don't think that MDA would accept a bill for car repairs.)

The hard part has been the sleep. Ten days in the hospital and a constant four hour interruption made it hard to get any kind of sleep. So while I sleep at night I also sleep a lot during the day.

Several questions for my readers who are nurses or diabetics, or both: I get my fingers stuck four times a day while I was in the hospital, which was like five sticks per finger (eight fingers getting stuck) while I was there. Which was fine while I was IN the hospital, but now that I am out my fingers are so brused I can barely turn or lift anything without it hurting. A lot of the times the finger sticks felt like I was getting my finger slammed in a door. Any ideas to dial it back so I can type, lift and turn things when I get back?

Not sure when the next time I am going to be admitted, so at this point it's kind of a waiting game taking lots of med and trying to feel better.

I'm also looking for ways to make life easier for Lisa while I go through this. Any ideas and/or suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. I don't know that I can think of any helpful suggestions, but I'm glad you finally got to go home! As always, thinking of and praying for you guys.


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