Monday, April 4

Half an ER

Last night I was feeling pretty lame. Enough that I was considering the ER. I decided to wait until this morning and see what happened. Well around five am I couldn't sleep because of the pain so we made the trek to the ER. It's kind of funny the difference between knowing what is wrong with you and not knowing in the ER. Last time I had the neulasta pain I thought I could be having a heart attack and I don't know if I was there twenty minutes before I had anti-nausea and painkiller in my system and they were running tests. This time (same pain mind you) I tell them that it is from the neulasta shot I got five days ago and they wheel me into a room. The nurses look me over for twenty minutes, then thirty minutes and then the doc, and then another twenty minutes while they process the order. The same pain, only I knew what was going on som they took their time. It just makes me shake my head. Granted I appreciate hops fast they were when I had mysterious chest pains, but when I have a nine on the pain scale that is still a nine.

After spending five hours in the ER and getting some pain meds they released me to go home. At this point I think it was noon, so we were home before one, which is nice. I was feeling extra peppy being as this is probably the best I have felt in twelve, maybe thirteen days. I am now however amazingly tired as I have been up for longer than I have been used to. I think I am heading to bed soon.

Thanks for all the support and prayers you all have been giving me the last almost two weeks with chemo and recovery. It's rough and I enjoy feeling well. It humbles me that you all remember me in my sickness. Don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything can pray for you for.

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