Tuesday, April 5

Your reminders

Monday morning as we were driving to the ER to attempt to clear the semi-mind-numbing pain I was experiencing I found myself wondering if perhaps I was putting more faith in drugs (pain killer) than I was in God. It was something my mind continued to roll over today as I sat on the porch I headed to Hebrews 11, the old standby for verses about faith.

I was struck by how much faith is the opposite of relying on things you can see, tangibly put your hands on, and feel for yourself. And then I was thinking about how much of what I am dealing with has to do with what I can feel. I'm not dealing with something theoretical. This is my body, and the pain and the strange feelings are all very tangible.

All of this hasn't lead me to the belief I need to give up medicine, grit my teeth and focus past the pain. I think God has blessed us with some great technology to solve problems. I just realized that Sunday night as I was lying in bed in a bit of pain and thinking about how it would escalate, I never once took the time to pray about it. I didn't take the time to stop and ask God for guidance and wisdom. It was ER now, or ER later.

I appreciate all of you out there, Team Morrell, praying for me. Sometimes I think that perhaps God has all of you praying for me because there are so many times that I forget, but then I am reminded by you to seek God. It's still hard to seek Him first, but I guess it's obviously something that I am being worked on.

Thanks again team.

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