Thursday, April 14

Now with MORE uncertainty...

I saw the doctor yesterday and to my surprise my platelets, which had been skyrocketing at the start of the week, had slowed down to not much of anything by this time. They've decided because of that that they are going to lock me into a four week rotation instead of the three week rotation they were trying to do. I asked about the clinical trial that was supposed to be opening up in the summer and I got a bit of a surprise when he looked confused about which one I was talking about. It sounds like two weeks ago they did a protein study on another person with my type of cancer and it showed that (at least on that person) Ewings Sarcoma (which they thought was a close relative of what I have) is maybe not so related as they thought... which means they will possibly start looking at other ways to treat what I have.

They want to get samples of the tumor(s) that have been taken (one in Seattle and one in Colorado) and do some research on it. Which means I get to try and stay in this holding pattern while they work on seeing what this stuff looks like, and where they want to go with it. The doctor said he'd like to get another ten to twelve samples to work with, which I am not sure how easy or difficult that will be, but I am pretty sure that mean I need to find a shirt that says, "Guinea Pig" across the front of it. ("Lab Rat" has some strange connotations)

Overall this means that the uncertainty I had before with this sickness has now multiplied as they have discovered that, no, in fact it's not what they thought it was like and it's time to go back to square one. That doesn't change the prayers for my situation though, it just adds to the things we need to be praying for. I have a disease that they now know that they know less about than they thought they did, it's rare, and it's agressive. It sounds to me like there is a lot of room there for God to work. The doctor is going to need a lot of wisdom.

Thanks Team. Odds are high I start chemo next Wednesday.

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