Saturday, July 16

Iron Anniversary

I did some research and it turns out that traditionally the sixth anniversary is the "Iron" anniversary. Which is think is kind of ironic (haha) because of everything we have been through at this point has definitely hardened our determination for life together into an iron like resolve.

In celebration of our anniversary this morning it decided to rain. Yay! Also I got up nice and early this morning to make a "theme" breakfast. I made an attempt at an English breakfast. Some parts were missing, but the idea wasn't to do it exactly, I mean we did want it to be edible. (rim-shot) I attempted English Muffins (aside: I'm not sure what it is but yeast only rises for me about fifty percent of the time, and I do it the same way each time), browned some sausage (being good transplant Texans we have sausage on hand), bacon, potatoes and eggs. Added some fruit and had some tea. Overall I thought was very good.

This afternoon we've having a bit of a late "dessert lunch" at a nicer restaurant "in town". (Meaning a cheese plate and some desserts) I am attempting to make Lisa take it easy today. Tomorrow we have a time setup for "brunch" at a place that sounded like fun.

I was planning on linking to the past six years of blog posts about our anniversary, but I realize I didn't write about some of them. So here's the month we got married in 2005. And here is last year's celebration. (In which I got my new ring)

Thanks for the continued support, PET scan later this week... we'll see what is happening to my insides. Prayers for continued healing is appreciated!

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